Step 2: Choose the Right-size Pot

Yes, the size of the pot is important! The pot to boil water for your pasta should be wide and tall. The dimensions are very important because when pasta cooks in boiling water, it needs space to move and float. It also releases part of its starch in the water so the more pasta you have to cook, the larger the pot needs to be. If the pot is too small compared to the amount you are cooking, the pasta will stick together and the water will become too starchy giving the pasta a gluey taste.

How Much Water Do You Need To Cook Pasta?

Here is the general rule:

Start off by adding about 4 liters (a gallon of water) to the pot, then use half a liter of water (20 oz) for every 100 g of pasta (4 oz).

The amount of pasta you cook will determine the amount of water you need to cook it in, which will influence the size of the pot required. It makes sense, doesn't it?

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