0-Type (Soft Wheat) Flour and Soy Lecithin: Eggless 'Egg' Pasta

This is the eggless version of the soft-wheat flour and egg dough and it is great for people with egg allergies or for vegans. Instead of using egg, the recipe calls for soy lecithin.

Lecithin? When egg is added to 0-type flour, you get a very elastic pasta dough that can be rolled out into very thin sheets. It's the egg yolk that gives the dough such elasticity as it contains lecithin, a natural emulsifier that interacts with gluten giving the dough its texture. By replacing egg with soy lecithin, you are giving the dough the necessary ingredient for it to act in the same exact way it would with egg ... making it a very inclusive pasta dough! 🥳

0-Type Flour and Soy Lecithin_ Eggless -Egg- Pasta (English).pdf

Making the Dough Step by Step

Here are all the ingredients that you need.

Place the soy lecithin into a bowl.

Add the warm water and leave it to rest for about 30 minutes. It will turn into a jelly-like texture.

Place the flour on your work surface. With the tip of your fingers, make a large well in the center of the flour with a circular movement.

Pour the lecithin mixture in the center of the well.

With a fork, gradually incorporate the flour to the mixture. 

Using your fingertips, mix and combine the ingredients until the dough comes together.

Start kneading the dough energetically. With the heel of one hand press deeply into the dough, then stretch it out away from you. Fold it back on itself then turn it a little clockwise. Knead, fold, turn, and repeat. Do this for at least 10 minutes.

Your final result should be a firm and elastic ball.

Wrap up the dough in plastic and leave it to rest at room temperature for at least 1 hour. If you are not going to use it after the resting time, place it in the fridge.

Pasta shapes. Use this dough to make all the plain and stuffed pasta shapes made with egg pasta dough.

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