Nevole e Nuvole

Nevole e Nuvole by Niva

Niva is from Italy's central region of Abruzzo where she grew up in a huge hillside house surrounded by olive trees and a blue sky. By looking at her mother, grandmothers, and aunts she learned every move and recipe they made. With her food blog Nevole e Nuvole, Niva is committed to exploring and sharing the local and traditional recipes from Abruzzo.

Nevole are an ancient sweet, similar to a waffle, made in the Abruzzo town or Ortana. Clouds, in Italian nuvole, have so many meanings for me. The clouds that framed my childhood home, the cloud of aromas when cooking over a stove, the clouds that float in my mind as I daydream looking out of my window. Nevole e Nuvole like the name of my blog.

Niva is also a journalist and web writer.

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Easter Recipes From Nevole e Nuvole

Niva has selected the following traditional recipes so that you can add a taste of Abruzzo to your Easter.

Fiadoni: Baked Cheese Turnovers

Agnello Cacio e Uova: Lamb with Sheep Cheese and Eggs