Mamma Giuliana

Mamma Giuliana

Local Aromas has a mom and her name is Giuliana. Though she's actually Benedetta and Valeria's mom, Mamma Giuliana has become the person everyone turns to when they need cooking tips and help with the recipes. She somehow knows it all and she just loves to share her cooking secrets with everyone. That's why she has her very own series on the Local Aromas YouTube channel.

I have always loved cooking. Almost everything I know I have learned from my grandmother. Cooking and sharing my cooking tips and recipes is what I enjoy doing the most.

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Easter Recipes from Mamma Giuliana

Mamma Giuliana has shared the following regional Italian Easter recipes:

Pizza al Formaggio: Cheese Cake from the central Italian region of Umbria.

Casatiello: Stuffed Easter Bread from Campania, Italy's southern region.

Abbacchio al Forno con le Patate: Roasted Lamb with Baked Potatoes from Rome's region of Lazio.

Carciofi Fritti: Fried Artichokes is a bonus recipe.