What Are Full-bodied Red Wines?

Full-bodied red wines are the darkest and most tannic wines of all. They are rich, complex, bold, dark, dense, intense, fuller, bigger, luscious, elegant. They will fill your palate and your nose with such intensity that you will need time to understand what just happened. And do take your time!

A full-bodied red wine has usually been in the bottle for quite some time. It needs to open up, it needs time to breathe. Little by little, swirl after swirl, sip after sip, it will gradually start opening up.

These are masterpieces, and even if they can be pricey, do make it a priority to try them!


Full reds are wines that will stay impressed in your memory forever, just like that one time you tried a food that touched your heart and will never forget.

These wines have powerful tannins and aromas of dark fruits, leather, spices, earth, soil, tobacco. The alcohol content of full-red bodied wines is over 14% and needs to be paired with foods of equal strength. Personally, a juicy steak is a match made in heaven! But also fatty dishes, like braised short ribs or spicy grilled steak, rich risottos, or pastas.

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Serving Temperatures

Full-bodied red wines have a story to tell which only the right temperature can unveil. These are wines of a certain age with tannins and complex aromas ... you really want to amplify each and every one of them.

These wines are best served between 18 - 20° C / 64 - 68° F.