About This Master Course

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Did you know that Italy is a total record-breaker when it comes to wine?

Italy is one of the largest producers of wine in the world.
With over 500 registered grapes, Italy has the widest grape biodiversity on the planet.
Italy is the country with the highest number of quality-certified wines in the European Union and in the world. It has over 500 certified wines!

It is simply astonishing how one (small) country can be number one in the world in so many areas of wine production.

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Content Published in This Course

Considering the quantity and the quality of Italian wines, it's a real shame to just drink, and not taste, what you pour in your glass. When you give yourself the opportunity to taste a wine, you are paying attention to its story.

Each bottle of wine reflects the traditions of a territory, it carries the flavors and aromas of the grapes that slowly ripened there, it has been produced with centuries of local knowledge and experience. This Italian Wines Master Course will unveil all these stories for you.

Not only will you learn more about the Italian wines you are already familiar with, you will discover and explore the many, many wines Italy offers.

Enjoy this journey at your own pace!

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The content in this Guide includes:

  • learning about the 20 wine-producing regions of Italy
  • understanding why Italy is a wine record-breaker
  • explore Italy's sparkling white wines
  • explore Italy's light-bodied white wines
  • explore Italy's full-bodied white wines
  • explore Italy's aromatic wines
  • explore Italy's rosé wines
  • explore Italy's sparkling red wines
  • explore Italy's light-bodied red wines
  • explore Italy's medium-bodied red wines
  • explore Italy's full-bodied red wines
  • explore Italy's dessert wines
  • how to open a wine bottle
  • wine serving temperatures
  • what glasses to use for the different wines
  • learning about the tasting techniques
  • learning about food pairing
  • the European Union laws on wine
  • the Italian strict laws on wine
  • how to read an Italian wine label
  • in-depth understanding of what is inside a bottle of wine
  • understanding all the aromas in wine
  • learning about the wine grapevines
  • understanding how the environment influences wine quality and production
  • understanding terroir, that (complicated) French word


This course uses images by Local Aromas and Unsplash.