Mamma Giuliana & the Foodie Sisters in Italy

Mamma Giuliana & the Foodie Sisters in Italy are the Co-Founders of Local Aromas

Local Aromas is all about Italy's local food and wine. From in-person experiences in Italy to our Italian online cooking school and our YouTube channel, everything we do is 100% made in Italy.

We are the Bianchini Family! Benedetta is a wine sommelier, an olive oil sommelier, and a professional cheese taster. Valeria is a trained pastry chef. Mamma Giuliana is an amazing home chef. And then there is PapĂ  Riccardo, a (now retired) Alitalia Manager who gave the family the priceless opportunity to live abroad for 18 years in Thailand, Belgium, Venezuela, and Chile.

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Our Recipes in the Advent Calendar

We wanted to share our family Christmas recipes with you, dishes that bring back childhood memories. Since we don't want to spoil the names of the recipes, we'll just tell you where they are:

Day 4

Day 9

Day 18

Day 20

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