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Londoner Jacqueline Debono has been living in Italy since 2003 in the northern region of Veneto. Married to Salvatore, a great Sicilian home cook, Jacqui started her food blog The Pasta Project as a personal undertaking to try every single type of pasta available across Italy while publishing her progress online. She shares recipes, photos, restaurant reviews, as well as historical and geographical information about the different pasta shapes and the sauces. And with over 360 known pasta shapes in Italy, she'll be busy for quite a while!

Foodie Sisters in Italy say. When we learned about The Pasta Project blog we were so impressed by the time and effort that a non-Italian has been putting into studying, learning about, testing, and sharing Italy's pasta culture and traditions. We know for sure that many of the recipes gathered by Jacqui are so local and regional that most Italians don't even know they exist. This is why her contribution is of such great value.

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The Pasta Project Recipes in the Advent Calendar

Guess what kind of recipes Jacqui shared in this Advent Calendar?! Four amazing regional pasta recipes you will love!

Day 2

Day 12

Day 17

Day 23

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