Pina Bresciani

Meet Pina from the Pina Bresciani Food Blog

Growing up with Mamma Bresciani in Canada, Pina's first meals, words, TV shows, songs were Italian. Every summer after the school year was over, Pina would fly to Italy and spend her summer vacations in her mom's hometown Sperlonga, halfway between Rome and Naples. Through the hands of her Nonna and Zia, Pina learned the secrets of a true Italian kitchen which she shares in her food blog Pina Bresciani.

Foodie Sisters in Italy say. We really connected with Pina because we grew up in a very similar way. Living abroad for 18 years, it was our mom, Mamma Giuliana, who gave us our Italian imprint and who would have us spend our summer and Christmas holidays in Rome every year. We love Pina's approach to Italy's cuisine and the way she shares it in her blog.

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Pina's Recipes in the Advent Calendar

For this Advent Calendar, Pina selected 4 Christmas recipes from her blog. You and your family are really going to enjoy preparing them!

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Day 10

Day 16

Day 24

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