Local Aromas Chefs

Cristina and Carla are the Local Aromas Chefs

Local Aromas chefs Carla and Cristina are extraordinarily talented. If you've been part of our in-person cooking classes in Rome or have watched our Saturday live cooking classes in the Local Aromas Family Facebook group, you know what we're talking about!

Carla is our crazy, funny, loud, one-woman-show chef from southern Italy. Cristina is our Roman kitchen Wonder Woman because there is nothing she can't do! Our Local Aromas chefs are simply the best!

Foodie Sisters in Italy say. Who would Local Aromas be without these 2 ladies?! They make our cooking classes fun and memorable while being informative and hands-on. They have stood by us in the most challenging moments and we simply love them to the moon and back!

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Local Aromas Chefs in the Advent Calendar

Cristina and Carla have shared their family Christmas recipes with us, dishes they always make and that everyone loves. You can find them here:

Day 6

Day 11

Day 15

Day 21

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