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Join the Private Local Aromas Family Group on Facebook

Before you continue, please join the Local Aromas Family private group on Facebook. Since March 2020, this is where all the chat among our family takes place.

It's where you can reach out to Benedetta, Valeria, Mamma Giuliana, Carla, Cristina, PapĂ  Riccardo, Eric, and Giampaolo. It's where you can meet, connect, and talk to all the members of our family in the world.

Join now and see you there!

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Local Aromas on Social Media and YouTube

We share stories about Italy on different social media. Choose your favorite and follow us there!


We have 2 different accounts on Instagram. Local Aromas is all about Italy's food, wine, and lifestyle. Foodie Sisters in Italy is focused on Benedetta and Valeria and their journey as entrepreneurs.


On our Local Aromas page, we share stories on Italy's local food and wine as well as the true Italian lifestyle. On Foodie Sisters in Italy Valeria and Benedetta share the backstage of their life as entrepreneurs.


Italy, food, wine, the piazzas, the lifestyle, the people. That's what we share on Pinterest.


You'll never see videos on Italy like the ones on the Local Aromas YouTube channel. Here you'll have the opportunity to explore the foodie and local insights on what to do and eat in Italy, our traditional recipes, Mamma Giuliana's cooking tips, and more.


Connecting Via Email

We can also connect via email. If you love Italy and want to be the first to know about what we're up to, then subscribe to the Local Aromas newsletter.

You can also send us an email whenever you want. Write to [email protected] for anything related to this Italian online cooking school or to [email protected] if you (or any of your family and friends) are planning a trip to Italy.

We are here for you!

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