What an Italian Christmas Really Looks Like

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Italian saying. Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi. Christmas with your family, Easter with whomever you want.

So Christmas is a family celebration in Italy. Have you ever experienced how Italians organize their Christmas family get-together? From the outside, it's a very fun 'movie' to watch. From the inside ... ummm, not so much! So basically, there are 3 main issues that every Italian family, in one way or another, has to address every single year. And why talk about it just once when we have the entire month of December?!

Issue number 1. Where to Celebrate. At your house again? It should be my turn to host this year! No, we celebrated Christmas Day with your family last year, this year we're going over to my parents! But you told me you were going to ... on and on and on ...

Issue number 2. The Menu. So, I was thinking we should have fish ravioli. I didn't like the ones Maria made last year so I wanted to prepare them this way. Wait, no, what if we had this instead ... on and on and on ...

Issue number 3. The Presents. Last year I got your mother-in-law a book. How about a scarf this year? I was thinking about getting Chiara some make-up ... lipstick, eye shadow or mascara? What do you think and what colors? And on and on and on ...

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Then something magical happens on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Families get together, they prepare and share their Christmas meal, and exchange heartfelt presents. There is no trace of the 23-day drama on the whos, whats, wheres, and whys. We simply cherish the moment and enjoy the time with the people we love.

You know what? Deep inside, we wouldn't want December to be any other way!

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