The Italian Tradition that Food Does Not Go to Waste

Non si butta niente, nothing goes to waste. 

This is the foundation of Italian cuisine and many local dishes are the result of this strong cultural belief. Gnocchi are one of them.


What Leftovers Can You Turn into Gnocchi?

There are many gnocchi recipes that use leftovers as the main ingredient. When making leftover gnocchi, there really isn't an exact recipe. The idea is to open your fridge and see what leftover you have, mince it, and add ingredients that will provide structure, volume, and flavor to that main ingredient. Then turn it into delicious gnocchi.

You can turn pretty much any leftover into gnocchi: stale bread, meat, fish, rice, polenta ...


How about getting creative here? Share with us your best leftover gnocchi recipes in the comments below!