About this Master Course

If you associate the word gnocchi to potato gnocchi only you're in for a fun, eye-opening journey. You cannot even imagine the different varieties of gnocchi there are in Italy and, guess what, many Italians don't know either!

Gnocchi are the true expression of Italy's regional and local cuisine. First of all, they are the ancestors of pasta. Yes, the first form of gnocchi date back to very ancient times and were a simple mixture of flour and water. Secondly, they reflect the natural creative impulse of Italians. Vegetables, leftover meats and fish, cheese, stale bread, flours have all been turned, throughout the centuries, into delicious gnocchi dishes.

This Homemade Gnocchi: Master Course is a love letter to one of the coziest and most comforting Italian dishes. Viva gli gnocchi!

Content Published in This Course

In Homemade Gnocchi: Master Course we have put together everything there is to know about gnocchi ... the many different ingredients, the stories and traditions behind each, the regional recipes. When writing this Course, we were surprised to find out how no one has ever gathered such comprehensive information on gnocchi all in one place. This is what makes our Homemade Gnocchi: Master Course extra special!

Let us guide you step by step while you will learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. As you prepare the different varieties and master each recipe, you will astound your family and friends with such local Italian dishes.

The content in this Course includes:

  • understanding the ingredients used to make gnocchi
  • understanding the regional traditions of gnocchi
  • how to roll and shape gnocchi
  • how to cook gnocchi
  • how to store gnocchi
  • 6 local potato gnocchi recipes
  • how to choose the right potatoes
  • how to properly cook and mash potatoes
  • 5 local flour gnocchi recipes
  • ricotta gnocchi recipe
  • what is ricotta
  • 3 vegetable ricotta gnocchi recipes
  • how to cook vegetables for gnocchi-making
  • 2 local bread gnocchi recipes
  • 2 local liquid gnocchi recipes
  • exploring gnocchi made with leftovers

Weights and Measurements

In this Course, we have included measurements in both metric and imperial systems to help you achieve the absolute best results. Although the imperial system works just as well, we do recommend using a kitchen scale as it will give you very precise measurements and less margin for error.

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