Potato Gnocchi With Egg Recipe


The Easiest Potato Gnocchi Recipe

If you're new to gnocchi making, we recommend starting with this recipe. The egg will help to make a slightly firmer dough that is easier to work with and less likely to crumble when cooked. The gnocchi will be a little denser yet still incredibly delicious! 


1kg (35oz or 2lbs) potatoes

250gr (8.8oz or 2 cups) soft-wheat flour

1 egg

nutmeg, grated (optional)

Ingredients Gnocchi patate & egg.jpg


First thing, you need to choose starchy and old potatoes, cook them unpeeled, and mash them hot using a potato ricer.

Beat the egg using a fork.

Place the riced potato on a clean, flat surface. With the tip of your fingers make a well in the center of the potatoes and pour in the beaten egg. If you want to add a hint of nutmeg (optional), do it now. Gradually start adding the flour (do not add all the amount at once).

Mix and combine the ingredients with your hands by gently folding and pressing it down, until the dough comes together. Gradually add more flour until the dough is no longer sticky.

You may need to add more or less flour than the amount in this recipe. It all depends on the moisture of the potatoes.

When your dough is soft, smooth, and no longer sticks to your hands or work surface, dust it with flour and leave it to rest for a few minutes.


Clean your work space with a scraper to remove loose bits of dough and excess flour. You need a clean work surface for the final steps.

Now you need to roll out and shape your gnocchi.

There are 3 different shapes you can make: simple pillows, ridges with a fork, ridges with a gnocchi board. Here's what they look like.

3 gnocchi.jpg

When you are done shaping your potato gnocchi, cook them immediately or store them.