What You'll Learn in This Course

Why would you spend your precious time infusing olive oil? You know what, that's a great question!

We tried coming up with an answer, but we ended up finding more than one. Here are some very very good reasons why you should master the wonderful art of giving an already amazing product (I know, who doesn't looove olive oil?!) a new twist.

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Add New Flavor to Your Cooking

It’s incredible how rosemary-infused olive oil can make your roasted potatoes shine and how lemon-infused olive oil transforms an it's-just-a-plain salad into an oh-my-goodness-this-is-incredible one. Try it. We know you’ll love it! Once you learn how to infuse olive oil, the flavor combinations are endless!

What you'll learn. What fresh and dry herbs and spices you can use, the 2 different infusion techniques.

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Cut (Some) Food Waste

How many times have you had leftover herbs in the fridge or squeezed lemons you ended up throwing away? Too many, at least for us. From now on, use these perfectly useful leftovers to make excellent, unexpected, and delicious infused olive oils.

What you'll learn. How to dry your very own ingredients to use for infused olive oil.


Good Quality Olive Oil Is Good (and Healthy!)

When making infused olive oil, we always start by choosing a high-quality extra virgin olive oil. This liquid gold is made by a very simple mechanical process: ripe olives are simply pressed. No chemicals are added and no high temperatures are involved in the process. The word virgin actually refers to the lack of chemicals used in the production process. It’s pure olive juice! As simple (and healthy!) as that!

What you'll learn. Understanding the basics of olive oil, the different categories there are, which one you should buy, the 7 golden rules to choosing the best extra virgin olive oils, how to store and the shelf life of olive oil.


Homemade Gifts

Homemade-infused olive oils can be a wonderful gift on any occasion! Birthdays, anniversaries, mother's or father's day, party give-aways, Christmas ... you name it. Honestly, who wouldn't love to receive a beautiful bottle of deliciousness made especially and uniquely by you with natural ingredients?

What you'll learn. 7 different infused oil recipes plus 6 additional recipe ideas, how to sterilize glass bottles for a safe infused oil, how to store infused oils, their shelf life. Once you understand and master the techniques, you can prepare an endless variety of infused olive oil gifts.