About Colored Doughs

Colored doughs are made by adding natural ingredients to soft-wheat flour and egg. Spinach, carrot, pumpkin, beetroot, chocolate, tomato, and many other colors found in nature are used. Some colored doughs are traditional to certain types of pasta made in specific regions in Italy. Others are recent 'inventions' by local chefs.

You can use colored doughs to create fun-looking fettuccine, ravioli, lasagna, cavatelli, farfalle. Or you can take your creativity to the next level and make colored striped pasta. You will simply LOVE this section!

How to Cook the Vegetables

The vegetables used to color the pasta dough must be cooked first. When you cook them, you want to avoid adding excess moisture so it's best not to boil the vegetables. Stewing, steaming, or cooking them in the oven are all good options. If you do boil them, make sure to drain them and squeeze them to get all the moisture out.

Once you have cooked the vegetables, turn them into a puree.

Then add the puree to your dough and let your imagination run wild!

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