The Flour

Pasta is mainly made from wheat flour. Now here is the challenge when you don't live in Italy and you want to make fresh homemade pasta.

There are different varieties of wheat flour available in the world. Each country classifies flour in a different way and uses different names and blends, making it confusing when you want to replicate a recipe from one part of the world to another. 


Soft-wheat Flour

In Italy, we use soft-wheat flour when making fresh egg pasta. Though there are 5 types of soft-wheat flour available in Italy, with the white 00-type and whole wheat at the far ends, the 0-type is the best to use when making fresh egg pasta.

We don't have all-purpose flour in Italy which is a half-and-half combination of hard-wheat and soft-wheat flours. It is important that you understand and choose the right flour available in your country that is most suitable for the egg pasta recipe.

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