100% Made in Italy by Local Aromas

This is a 3-in-1 online Italian food and wine courses box.

Fresh homemade egg pasta and sauces.

Homemade potato gnocchi and sauces.

Italian reds, bubbles, whites, and dessert wines.

Course 1: Fresh Homemade Egg Pasta

Prepare the pasta and the sauces from scratch.

Our local instructors will guide you through each step of fresh egg pasta making and will show you how to make sauces and broths from scratch. Learn about the many pasta shapes you can create with 2 very simple ingredients like flour and egg. We have also included a special bonus recipe that can truly be life-changing for vegans and people with egg allergies: eggless 'egg' pasta dough.

Course 2: Italian Wine Starter Kit

Italian wines made simple.

Italy is a record-breaker when it comes to wine. Italian bubbles, reds, whites, and dessert wines have so much to say and express, sip after sip. Our local sommelier Eric will take you on a wonderful journey as you discover and understand some of Italy's best wines. Through his simple, approachable, and friendly language, you will learn to taste and pair Italian wines like never before.

Course 3: I Love Potato Gnocchi

For potato gnocchi lovers!

There is a lot to know if you want to make perfectly soft and fluffy potato gnocchi. You need to choose the right potatoes then cook and mash them the proper way. The dough must be soft and the shape you give your gnocchi will help it happily embrace the abundant sauce. Our local instructors will share everything they know so that you can successfully make this family-favorite, cozy, and heartwarming dish.

Meet the Local Aromas Family

We are 100% Made in Italy

Local Aromas and all of our instructors are 100% Italian. Benedetta and Valeria Bianchini, Co-founders of Local Aromas, Eric Senn, our wine sommelier, Mamma Giuliana and Papà Riccardo. We all have an Italian heart, a passion for our local food and wine, and a huge sense of family. Welcome to the Local Aromas Family! Meet the Bianchini Family.

How to Access This Course

The Italian Pasta, Gnocchi & Wine Box is part of our Italian online cooking school and community, Italian Home Cooking (made simple!). You can purchase it individually as a family or corporate gift by contacting us.