100% Made in Italy by Local Aromas

Learn to make fresh homemade egg pasta from scratch.

From the flour to the techniques, from the shapes to the sauces.

Local instructors, local recipes, local insights.

This is an online, on demand learning experience.

Colored cavatelli pasta

What You Will Learn in This Course

Everything you need to know about fresh homemade egg pasta.

Making fresh egg pasta is actually quite simple. Once you know and understand the main steps and procedures, you can prepare it in no time. With 2 simple ingredients, flour and egg, you can create endless varieties of homemade dishes that you can serve with the sauces and broths included in the course. With the support of text, images, and pre-recorded videos we'll guide you step-by-step through each process. Learn from home anytime, at your own pace, and on your own schedule. 

Flour well with egg inside

Fresh Eggless 'Egg' Pasta Recipe Included

There's a valuable bonus content.

Vegans and people with egg allergies can finally prepare and enjoy all of the pasta shapes that can technically be made with egg pasta doughs only. We love inclusive cooking so we've added a special bonus recipe to make eggless 'egg' pasta dough! By replacing eggs with a 'magic' ingredient, you can prepare fettuccine, pastina, pappardelle, lasagna, tagliatelle, and so much more! Yes, this is definitely a life-changing recipe for many, many people.


Meet the Bianchini Family

100% Made in Italy.

Valeria and Benedetta Bianchini are the Co-founders of

Local Aromas, an Italian family-run company specialized in food and wine experiences in Italy. With the support of local experts, they have designed and curated this and all courses in our online cooking school Italian Home Cooking (made simple!). Meet our family, the Bianchini family.

How to Access This Course

The Fresh Egg Pasta Amore Mio course is part of our Italian online cooking school and community, Italian Home Cooking (made simple!). You can purchase it individually as a family or corporate gift by contacting us.

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