How To Be an Italiano Vero, a True Italian

Being a true Italian is all about lifestyle. Being an Italiano Vero is about how you do things in your everyday life.

You see, Italians don't just eat and drink ... we get excited over the ingredients we use in our home-cooked meals, we like to pair the right wine to the dishes we prepare, we enjoy our meals sitting around a nicely-set table with family and friends.

Italians know when to slow down and enjoy the moment ... we have an aperitivo with friends to put an end to our busy day, we stop to enjoy every sip of our moka-pot or espresso coffee, we like to entertain and build memories with family and friends.

With Italiano Vero you will learn how to drink, cook, eat, entertain, and enjoy the simple things in life ... just like Italians do.

Access all of the content in Casa Local Aromas, including the aperitivo ritual and cocktails, a masterclass on Italian wine, food and wine pairing, after dinner drinks, video recipes on traditional Italian dishes and pizza, 4 live trainings a month, special bonuses, and exclusive privileges.

Join Casa Local Aromas and learn how fun and simple it is to enjoy the Italian lifestyle in your home.

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Join the rest of the our passionate family members and learn about Italy's culture, local traditions, and lifestyle.

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