A Tavola!, How To Easily Prepare Italian Homemade Meals Every Week

You'll hear every Italian family shout 'A Tavola!'. Literally meaning 'to the table', these 2 words actually say much more ... 'food is ready, everyone be seated at the table, hurry up!'.

Preparing Italian home-cooked meals on a regular basis is easier than you can possibly imagine. You see, just like you, our days can get quite busy and we don't always look forward to cooking (and cleaning the kitchen!) every day.

So how do Italians do it?! Here's the secret: we use the priceless life-saving cooking hacks, tips, and know-how that our grandparents passed on to our parents and they passed on to us ... and that we are now passing on to you!

With A Tavola! you learn how simple and doable it is to prepare an Italian homemade meal from scratch every week.

200+ minutes of step-by-step recipe videos, fresh homemade pasta and gnocchi masterclass, how to organize your Italian pantry, traditional Italian recipes (from breakfast all the way to dessert!) paired to an Italian wine, no-brainer Italian meal plans, and untold cooking tips and hacks.

Join Casa Local Aromas and learn how to put an Italian homemade meal together in an easy and smart way.

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Join the rest of our family members and learn how simple it is to cook and enjoy Italian homemade meals every week.

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