Italian Online Advent Calendar 2021

Italian Christmas home cooking recipes & food gifts

Your Perfect Christmas Present

100% Made in Italy with by Local Aromas

Why an (Online) Advent Calendar?

We grew up with advent calendars. There was so much excitement and anticipation when, starting December 1, we opened a window a day for 24 days until Christmas Day. Back then, we used cardboard advent calendars that unveiled an image or chocolate. Today, we want to bring Italy, family, Italian home cooking, and food gifts to you and the best way to do it is through this Italian online advent calendar.

Enjoy Italy's Christmas holidays from home. We'll bring Italy to you ... regardless of where you are in the world.

Have You Met the Local Aromas Family in Italy?

We are such a typical Italian family! You've got the parents (which are also grandparents), the super social and crazy, the quiet nerds, the messy, and the perfectionists. If there is one thing we have in common, it's the values we share ... family, the simple things, enjoying our company (that's when we can get really loud!), home cooking. Valeria and Benedetta are the Foodie Sisters in Italy. Mamma Giuliana, Carla, and Cristina are our home chefs. Papà Riccardo is the family's official taster. Eric is our wine, beer, and anything-with-alcohol expert.

We are the Local Aromas Family in Italy and you are welcome to join our (fun and crazy!) family. Together we laugh, cook, share our stories, and simply enjoy each other.

What You Get With Our Online Advent Calendar

Italy, home cooking, and family. That pretty much describes it all! With this 2nd edition of our Italian online advent calendar, we want to bring Italy to you. We selected 24 traditional Italian Christmas dishes and food gifts and then we filled the advent calendar with extra bonuses. From antipasti (appetizers) to primi (1st course dishes) and secondi (2nd course dishes), from dolci (desserts) to homemade food gifts, all recipes are available in English and Italian as downloadable PDFs.

24 traditional Italian Christmas recipes and food gifts, Italian food and wine pairing, and lots of bonus content!