How to Shape Gnocchi into Pillows

Small pillows are the most simple shape you can give your gnocchi. However, they are not the best shape for all gnocchi. You don't use this shape for flour and water gnocchi (like malloreddus and gnocchetti) as the center will remain hard and chewy when cooked. That's why they have a thin, concave shape. Small pillows are great for potato, ricotta, and vegetable gnocchi because they all have a soft dough.

How to Shape Gnocchi into Pillows

After rolling out the dough into a long rope, use a knife or cutter to cut out pillows.

Cut the pillows to your desired size. There is no rule to how thick or wide gnocchi pillows should be. It's all up to you!

As you cut out your pillows, place them on a stackable pasta dryer or on a floured work surface so that they do not stick to the surface or to each other.

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