How great would it be if you could enjoy Italy 365 days a year ... without having to travel all the way to Italy?

There's a place where you can cook and eat like an Italian. You can learn to drink and pair food and wine like Italians do. You get to hang around Italians and people that love Italy. You can practice Italian, listen to Italian songs, and simply enjoy the vibe of the Italian lifestyle. This place is your home!

Join Casa Local Aromas!

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The Foodie Sisters in Italy Benedetta and Valeria, Mamma Giuliana and Papà Riccardo, Carla and Cristina, Eric and Giampaolo ... we are Local Aromas, your Italian family in Italy. We have opened the doors to our home and you are welcome to join.

Casa Local Aromas is your (online) home in Italy.

It's where the family comes together ... you, us, and the community. It's where you learn to cook, eat, drink, and enjoy life like an Italian. We have designed many online courses, masterclasses, live trainings, and videos so that you can easily do as the Italians do ... from your home and together with a like-minded community.

Join Casa Local Aromas and become a part of our (AMAZING!) Italian family.


There are 3 'house keys', 3 different subscription plans you can choose from depending on whether you want an Italian cooking, dining, or lifestyle experience.

Choose your favorite monthly subscription plan and join Casa Local Aromas now.

Impastiamo, let's knead! It is so satisfying (inexpensive and unbelievably easy!) to make your very own pasta and gnocchi at home. All you need are a few simple ingredients and the basic knowledge to get it just right.

Since forever, Italians have prepared their dishes with the few ingredients and utensils available. 'Less is more' is the real essence of Italian cooking so understanding what to use and how to put everything together is very very important.

Choose this plan if you want to learn everything you need to know to successfully prepare homemade pasta and gnocchi.

🍝 Step-by-step video courses on fresh homemade pasta doughs and shapes

🍝 Step-by-step video courses on the many Italian homemade gnocchi

🍝 Pasta, risotto, gnocchi, soups, and other first course recipes

🍝 New content and live trainings every month

🍝 Access to a private section of our Local Aromas Family community

You'll hear every Italian family shout 'A Tavola!'. Literally meaning 'to the table', these 2 words actually say much more ... 'food is ready, everyone be seated at the table, hurry up!'. Preparing Italian home-cooked meals on a regular basis is easier than you can possibly imagine. Here's the secret: we use the priceless life-saving cooking hacks, tips, and know-how that our grandparents passed on to our parents and they passed on to us ... and that we are now passing on to you!

Choose this plan if you want to eat like an Italian and learn to prepare traditional and local homemade recipes, from first to second courses, from side dishes to breakfast and dessert.

🍽️ All features included in the Impastiamo Plan
🍽️ Cook and eat like an Italian: breakfast, first and second courses, side dishes, dessert
🍽️ No-brainer Italian meal plan menus you can use every week

🍽️ New content and live trainings every month

🍽️ Access to a private section of our Local Aromas Family community

Being a true Italian is all about lifestyle. Being an Italiano Vero is about how you do things in your everyday life. You see, Italians don't just eat and drink ... we get excited over the ingredients we use in our home-cooked meals, we like to pair the right wine to the dishes we prepare, we enjoy our meals sitting around a nicely-set table with family and friends. Italians know when to slow down and enjoy the moment ... we have an aperitivo with friends to put an end to our busy day, we stop to enjoy every sip of our moka-pot or espresso coffee, we like to entertain and build memories with family and friends.

Choose this plan if you want to grasp and enjoy the true essence of the Italian lifestyle at home: from everyday home cooking recipes to pizza, from Italian food and wine pairing to the aperitivo ritual and after dinner drinks.

🍷 All features included in the Impastiamo Plan

🍷 All features included in the A Tavola! Plan

🍷 Everything you need to know about Italian wines, cocktails, and spirits

🍷 Pizza, focaccia & Calzone recipes

🍷 New content and live trainings every week

🍷 Access to a private section of our Local Aromas Family community


"I have been a fan of Local Aromas since my husband and I attended an in-person cooking class in Rome in 2019. I followed the school on Facebook and the sisters on YouTube and have enjoyed their friendly approach to sharing their love of great food but also sharing the fantastic culture we all love. I couldn’t wait to sign up for the Local Aromas Family virtual cooking school - I think I signed up within 30 minutes of it launching! It is misleading though, to think of it only as a cooking school. It is so much more than that. It truly is a family, a community. Beyond cooking, we talk about culture, language, music, films … everything is 'on the table. I have loved getting to know all of the members on our zoom family get-togethers and I think we all inspire each other to try new things and to expand out of our comfort zones. My favorite part of this experience is that I genuinely feel that I joined something to which I truly belong. It is not just a repository of recipes - you can get recipes anywhere. What you can’t replicate is the care and pride and joy and FUN that the whole Local Aromas team put into everything they do. This group, this family, is unlike any other. I love being a part of it and I am so excited for all the things to come."

♥ Victoria

"My wife and I are Americans with a love for Italy and a special interest in Italian food.  I came across some Local Aromas videos while searching on YouTube and I was intrigued from the start. Whether visiting local markets, dining in restaurants, or cooking in your kitchen, I learned a lot from your videos and they were always fun to watch. That led me to sign up for the school and pay for a year of enrollment. We have been following along through the menus in our own kitchen, starting with the primos. I especially like that the recipes are offered in both English and Italian. This is a great help to us in improving our Italian language skills. We are grateful, too, for the wine pairing suggestions. I want to compliment you, too, on the beauty and clarity of the presentation of the courses on the internet. Each 'class' is easy to follow and lovely to view. I am so glad I found the Foodie Sisters and the Local Aromas family. My appetite for knowledge and delicious Italian food have both benefitted from that discovery. We look forward to meeting you when we’re in Rome and to participating in some of your food and wine tours.


"So I really love how down to earth and relatable everyone in your family is. You really make us all feel very welcomed and make it fun to learn. I love connecting to my Italian roots and making the dishes! I enjoyed the zoom meeting and look forward to more of those! My dream is to visit Italy soon and being part of the Local Aromas family brings me just a little closer. Thank you for having this fun program where I get to learn and experience the people and food of Italy!"


"I love being part of the Local Aromas family! Each person on the team is introduced and appreciated for their special skill set. Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays allows us to come together with joy. The cooking videos provide tips, simplicity, and personality--all in one! The courses are laid out in a wonderfully organized manner. It makes it easy to proceed at one's one pace--or as time allows. The wine pairing is helpful and appreciated. The explanation of why a specific wine is paired with the ingredients of the food has definitely added to my knowledge. I adore Italy, and, until we can return (hopefully soon), this connection warms my heart each and every day!"



How much of an Italian food and wine expert do I need to be to join Casa Local Aromas?

All levels are welcome, from beginners to pros. Our courses have a step-by-step structure and use a simple and non-technical language while providing an extensive insight of Italy's culture and traditions.

Are the courses live?

All videos are pre-recorded so you can watch them at your own time and convenience. Live trainings are scheduled at specific dates and times and the calendar will be shared in advance with the community.

How do I join Casa Local Aromas?

It is very easy! Just decide which subscription plan you want to purchase (Impastiamo, A Tavola!, or Italiano Vero) and click on the subscribe button of the plan. You will be guided throughout the checkout process. You will then receive an email with all the details about your purchase and the link to enter Casa Local Aromas.

Can I unsubscribe from Casa Local Aromas?

Of course you can, whenever you want! Simply log in to your Casa Local Aromas account and unsubscribe from there.