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Italian Home Cooking (made simple!)

Italian Home Cooking (made simple!) is our online cooking course and community. If your goal is to cook and enjoy traditional Italian dishes and wine but you need help starting or perfecting your skills, this course is for you!

+ Learn how to prepare the right portions of Italian dishes with recipes for 2 people so that you don't feel like you are cooking for an army with a ton of leftovers.

+ Discover how Italian cooking is not about fattening carbs and gaining weight, but a simple and balanced cuisine.

+ Recreate the taste of your family recipes, especially if your didn't have the chance to learn them from your Italian mom/dad or nonna/nonno.

+ Learn how to prep and store the Italian dishes you can't get enough of so that you can easily make them anytime you want.

+ Join a like-minded, supportive foodie community who is learning with you.


What you get

In each course, you will receive:

+ Traditional Italian recipes from local cookbooks that have never been translated into other languages, until now.

+ The perfect Italian wine pairing suggestion for the dish you are preparing.

+ Bonus recipes, cooking tips, stories, local insights, and instructional content.

+ An on-demand learning experience - use the course anytime, anywhere, at your own pace, and on your own schedule.

+ Step-by-step recipes with text, images, and pre-recorded videos.

+ Recipe PDF downloads so that you can print and create your very own family recipe book.

+ A private community with live cooking classes and wine tasting by local experts plus content not available anywhere else.

Bruschetta with tomato basil and garlic

Created by Local Aromas

We are Local Aromas, a family food and wine experiences company based in Italy. Since day 1, we have tried to make Italian traditional recipes fun, simple, and accessible to everyone. Our mom is an amazing home chef and you may know her as Mamma Giuliana. Our dad, PapĂ  Riccardo, is our official recipe taster.

We are Benedetta and Valeria, the Co-founders of Local Aromas and the Foodie Sisters in Italy. Benedetta is a wine sommelier, an olive oil sommelier, and a professional cheese taster. Valeria is a trained pastry chef. You might have seen us sharing about Italy's food and wine on Forbes, Borghi Magazine, USA Today, Rick Steves guidebooks.

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