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We Will Bring Italy to You!



Get Your Online Italian Christmas Advent Calendar 2021 NOW!

This Christmas, we are bringing Italy to your homes! In our online 2021 Advent Calendar, you will find 24 traditional Italian Christmas recipes and food gifts, video recipes, Italian food and wine pairing, and lots of bonus content!


Eat, Drink, and Cook Italian at Home

Do you know how Italians really eat? You may know that we have an aperitivo, followed by an antipasto, a primo, a secondo with a contorno, a dolce, and finally a digestivo. In our everyday life, though, we tend to mix and match 2 or at most 3 of these courses. And we'll show you how. In our Italian Home Cooking (made simple!) online school you will learn how to put an authentic Italian meal together.

+ You'll get step-by-step local Italian recipes that you can download (to create your very own family recipe book!) and that serve 2 people so that you stop cooking for an army and prepare the right portions.

+ You'll get to watch recipe videos with our local chefs Cristina, Mamma Giuliana, and Carla.

+ You'll get a weekly 'menu of the day' so that you can easily prepare an Italian homemade meal.

+ You'll also get the perfect Italian food and wine pairing for each dish and meal plan that our sommelier Eric selected for you.

Mamma Giuliana

The mamma of the Local Aromas Family


Our crazy south Italian chef


Our sweet Roman chef

Papà Riccardo

Our official taster


Wine sommelier, beer expert, and mixologist

Learn and Practice Italian as You Cook at Home

It may sound crazy being able to learn Italian while cooking. In our Italian Home Cooking (made simple!) online school you will learn Italian in a fun, useful, and practical way. Here's what we did for you.

+ You'll get to listen to audio files in Italian so that you can practice pronouncing all the dishes correctly.

+ You'll get to watch our recipe videos in Italian where chefs Carla, Cristina, and Mamma Giuliana speak Italian in a slow and clear way.

+ And you'll get to read Italian because all of the downloadable recipes are in both English and Italian.

Listen to Italian Music at Home

Italians are notoriously loud. We love talking and laughing ... and music! So we thought, why not create a playlist with all of our favorite Italian songs?! In our Italian Home Cooking (made simple!) online school you will discover and love the Italian songs that we grew up with as well as the latest and most popular ones.

+ You'll have access to our private playlist on Spotify so that you can listen to it whenever you want.

+ You'll get to hear legendary Italian musicians and songwriters like Lucio Battisti, Claudio Baglioni, Mina, Lucio Dalla, Domenico Modugno, just to mention a few.

+ You'll get to know the younger generation such as Tiziano Ferro, Måneskin, Laura Pausini, Marco Mengoni, Eros Ramazzotti, and many more.

+ Our playlist will grow and grow and grow.

See the Beauty of Italy from Home

So many of you have told us how much you miss traveling to Italy, seeing the many beautiful places there are, and just taking in the Italian vibes. In our Italian Home Cooking (made simple!) online school you will be able to visit Italy from home. Yes!

+ You'll get to see the local markets because we will go there for you.

+ You'll get to see places you've already been to and you'll get to see some you didn't even know existed.

+ You'll get to visit Italy through us because we - Benedetta, Valeria, Giampaolo, Eric, Mamma Giuliana, Papà Riccardo, Cristina, and Carla - live in Italy and we will share it with you.


Wine sommelier, olive oil sommelier, cheese taster, and Co-founder of Local Aromas


Director of Photography


Pastry chef and Co-founder of Local Aromas

Join Our Italian Worldwide Community from Home

Local Aromas is a family company run by the Bianchini Family. We see people as members of our family and we cherish them as such. From those that have joined our in-person experiences in Italy to the many subscribers of our YouTube Channel. From the students of our Italian Home Cooking (made simple!) online school to the ones that follow us on Instagram and Facebook. You are all part of the Local Aromas Family! And since you live all over the world, we have created a special place where we can all meet, chat, share, and hang out together. Join the Local Aromas Family group on Facebook and be a part of our Italian worldwide community.


How to Embrace the Italian Lifestyle at Home

If you want to enjoy Italy from home and want us to bring Italy to you through our local dishes, language, music, videos, and community, simply subscribe to the Italian Home Cooking (made simple!) online school.

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